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Christine Montanti


Pupa will capture your attention from the very beginning with this scary premise and never let it go... Link to Full Review -> Click Here

Jersey Coastal Blog 

Andrea Tarr


Serial killers have always repelled and compelled us with their antics and over the top deviant behavior. Charles Manson once said, “You know, if I wanted to kill somebody, I’d take this book and beat you to death with it. And I wouldn’t feel a thing. It’d be just like walking to the drug store.” Well, I’m sure Manson wasn’t referring to The Magician, but the public’s serial killer fascination continues to be fed with TV, movies, and books. Thanks to The Magician, written by first time author David Pupa, the Jersey Shore now has it’s own psychotic, brilliant, and oh-so-evil, serial killer in a well crafted character... Link to Full Review -> Click Here

Suzee BehindTheScenes Blog 



The Magician is the first novel from the pen of  NJ's D. A. Pupa. A psychotherapist by trade, D. A. undoubtedly uses his knowledge of the human psyche intertwined with a love of thrillers and mystery to create some magic of his own in this page-turner set at the Jersey Shore. Though it takes place during the biggest storm to hit the NJ coastline in almost a century, Super Storm Sandy, the storm was not the only thing wreaking havoc with these Spring Lake residents.. a serial killer was on the loose... Link to Full Review -> Click Here

Ajoobacats - London Book Blogger 



This gripping thriller starts off with retired FBI profiler Frank Sorello trying to keep calm as he discovers the second novel written by Gary Jones, a thriller novelist, carries details perhaps only the killer or someone in a select few within the FBI could have known. Frank has enjoyed some outstanding success in his career but he could not bring the murderer who killed his wife to justice and subsequently retired. His obsession with Gary Jones started when he read his first book but Frank’s assertions of Jones being the killer was seen as delusional ranting by a bereaved husband but now there are just too many circumstantial coincidences to ignore his hunch... Link to Full Review -> Click Here

The Hartford Examiner - Radio and Print Blogger

John Valeri


Mr. Pupa is the debut author of The Magician (Wingspan Press), which is currently available in digital, hardcover, and paperback editions. Formerly a stockbroker on Wall Street, Pupa decided to pursue a new career path in the aftermath of 9/11 and went back to become a psychotherapist. He now has a private practice in Sea Girt, NJ. The author and his wife live on the Jersey Shore, where he is currently at work on his next novel... Link to Full Review -> Click Here

The Reading Bud - India Book Blogger

Heena Rathore P.


Hurricane Sandy ravages the Jersey Shore while simultaneously providing the backdrop for a horrible crime. A serial killer takes advantage of the night’s ferocity and inflicts his own damage. The madman then disappears leaving a famed F.B.I. agent broken in the process. Frank Sorello retires from the Bureau only to be drawn back into the game after a bestselling novel by a new author raises suspicions about details inside the book. Is the homicidal maniac announcing his return or is it purely a coincidence? The intrigue builds as a young man with an intellect rivaling that of Einstein and Da Vinci is tragically connected to the Bureau’s top agent. As the investigation is renewed, the murders begin once again. While the mystery unravels no one is truly safe; neither the gated communities of Hollywood nor the hallowed grounds of an Ivy League University provide refuge from what lies waiting in the shadows. The suspense mounts as the hunt gets ever more personal when the agent’s current romantic interest becomes a target. Sorello vows to put an end to the killer’s reign in this fast paced thriller . . . but the killer has other plans... Link to Full Review -> Click Here

"Rating 5 Stars - Totally Loved It"

Citizens Voice Newspaper - Author David Pupa finds thriller inspiration in real-life hurricane

Kristen Gaydos


The high winds, power outage and isolation caused by an actual hurricane inspired author David Pupa to use it as a setting in his thriller novel. In “The Magician” by D.A. Pupa, a serial killer strikes under the cover of Hurricane Sandy, which caused severe damage along the East Coast in 2012. Pupa, a Luzerne County native, spoke with JumpStart! about how his work affects his writing, his favorite characters and the challenges of writing a thriller... Link to Full Review -> Click Here

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